Holistic Counseling

Holistic Counseling is a profound approach to understanding that we can feel our thoughts. An example of this would be the physical symptoms such as hives on our skin due to stress, chronic fatigue or unexplained pain in our body even though there is no underlying diagnosed cause. 
This safe and drugless form of treatment is used to gain awareness to the connections of emotions, thoughts and physical experiences. Many times all it may take is having a safe place to be able to think and talk out loud to someone who is qualified and can without judgement help guide you through your healing process. 
During this time of guidance, I may incorporate Reflexology to help ease the tension as we embark on the path to releasing pain and recharging yourself with a healing care. Allowing yourself a separate time to reflect, recharge, and heal is pivotal in having a great sense of peace in your life and can lead to a better physical & mental wellbeing.