What is Reflexology? 

There are many holistic therapies that can assist our body's self healing and reflexology is one of them.  It is a therapy focused on the nervous system. While there may be some massage involved to help loosen and stimulate the nerve endings, reflexology is NOT a foot massage.

It is the holding of specific points to help stimulate or sedate deep tension in our system that does not come from a physical nature. This type of acupressure work is a wonderful therapy that can be used alone or as a combination to help rid the body of both physical and nervous tension.  

It is known to induce a deep relaxation and other benefits include:

  •  Relief from Migraines and Tension headaches 
  • Induced relaxation to help alleviate high blood pressure
  • Promotes body circulation and reduces the feeling of "being stuck at our joints"
  • ​Naturally stimulates the lymphatic system to help reduce swelling
  • Helps reduce the pain and tension of plantar fasciitis
  • Has been known to aid in the relief of somatic pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and multiple sclerosis​

​I have personally been practicing this therapy for 9 years and have received training at the international level through Derwen Holistic Therapies. If curious to know more feel free to reach out and ask any questions.